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Alone On The Town

by Alan

1 Part - Mislead by Strangers

It was a cool evening and I was alone looking for somewhere to party. It wasn't that I didn't have any friends, there were several people I might normally have been out with. No, I was alone because I had just started a 6 month stint working in the capital. As the evening turned to night, I found myself at a slightly seedy bar in a street I didn't know (let's be honest, I was in a town I didn't know!). It probably wasn't a very intelligent place to be by yourself but I had drunk enough by now not to care, and besides the taxi would know the way to my hotel. I was sitting by the bar watching the few woman in the place. They were at best average lookers, but one of the better ones was quite sexily dressed and almost worthy of chancing a pick up. The two guys next to me must have noticed my roving eye as they started to talk to me about the poor standard of women around. The comment surprised me a bit because they were well built guys, good looking and well dressed. They seemed like the sort of guys that could have picked the woman they liked the most and just about guaranteed leaving with her. Talking to them though I realised their problem was their standards were too high. They were looking for the sort of women men fantasised about, all curves, sex and beauty. That aside they turned out to be good drinking partners and Graham, Neil and I talked and drank till one of them suggested a game of cards and a few beers at their place. By that time I was well gone, as was my money, and, against my better judgement, I agreed to go. Their place turned out to be a house in a older part of town. It had expensive although creepy furnishings which were a weird combination of the "playboy" look with obvious occult influences. There was a black pentagram painted on the slate tile lounge! That put me a bit on edge but they didn't seem to notice. Anyway I quickly relaxed once the cards and beer were flowing and they hadn't grown any horns. About an hour after we started Neil knocked a handle of beer over and I wore the lot. Shirt, jeans, socks everything was soaked (everything except my jersey which I had taken off earlier). After a failed effort with a towel, Graham suggested they get me some dry clothes and we throw mine in a quick wash. An idea I readily agreed to. Graham went to get the clothes while Neil took me to a bedroom and suggested I strip and give him my clothes. I guess it should have seemed strange but I always have been a bit of a trusting soul. As I striped, I noted that the bedroom also had the playboy look although, surprisingly, there were no drawers or wardrobe visible. Handing my clothes out I asked for the replacements, only to be shoved roughly across the room as they both came in. Now I was worried! One had a sports bag in his hand and the other threw a glossy pink catsuit at me telling me to put it on. It was obviously feminine and felt like soft satin. There was no way I was going to wear it! I wrapped it round my bum to give me some modestly and told them what I thought of queers and where to stick their catsuit. I guess I elaborated a bit more than needed and one of them took exception, lunging for me. Luck was with me though and he tripped over his mate with the bag. As they untangled themselves I grabbed the bag, hoping it had clothes in it, and ran. On my way through the lounge I grabbed my jersey, managing to juggle things so that the catsuit kept me covered, and sprinted out the door. Once outside I was very conscious of my lack of clothing but, struggling to maintain some level of modestly, I ran off down the street. After a couple of blocks I slowed, my bare feet were getting sore and I couldn't see any signs of pursuit. I started looking for somewhere to hide and change just as a Cop car passed me. I must have been quite a sight, even on that dark night they saw enough to catch their interest and I saw them start to U-turn. Ducking down beside a garage luck again went with me, it was unlocked. Slipping inside I dropped everything, locked the door, and put on my jersey. Wrapping the catsuit back around me as my jersey didn't quite reach my crotch or properly cover my bum. Standing there I could hear the cops cruising slowly past looking for me. Once I had caught my breath, I looked around in the dim light and noted the garage was empty. Maybe I was really lucky and no-one was home! There were two doors towards the back and I went to check them out. One was locked, and I presumed went into the house, but the other opened to reveal a small sleep-out. Going in, I closed the door and, discovering there were no windows, risked turning on the light. The room contained a bed, a small chest of draws and a closet with a full length mirror. Tossing the catsuit and bag on the bed I opened the draws. Damn! Empty. Tipping the bag out on the bed I was further disappointed. It contained a long blond wig, pink stiletto boots (they matched the catsuit), a wide white vinyl belt, jewellery and make up. Thank god I got out of there when I did, but what now? Going out in public wearing only a jersey was not an option., even holding the catsuit around me. Oh well... I guess I was going to have to risk looking ridiculous in the catsuit, at least I might not be arrested. Picking up the catsuit I realised it was a satin lycra blend and so should fit me. Unzipping the front I sat on the bed and slipped my feet into the legs. It must have been full of static, I felt a prickle like the hair on legs was being pulled at as I slipped them on. Standing I pulled the catsuit up. I had always loved the feel of satin on my girl friends and discovered it was just as sexy on the inside. It slipped smoothly and snugly over my hips and bum fitting me like a glove. Hiking up my jersey I pulled it right up under my arms. Holding it in place with my elbows against my sides, I zipped it to high waist level and jammed the top of it inside itself. Straightening my jersey I looked up into the mirror and froze! My toe nails were painted pink! Actually my feet looked smaller and my legs...! Slim calves led up to shapely thighs and full round hips. Then the worst hit me. My crotch was smooth! There was no lump where my cock should have been and between my legs was a flat area where my balls should have been. Well not quite flat, there was a feminine shaped mound to it! In total disbelief my hands leapt to my satin covered crotch and I felt the shape of woman's sex. Running my fingers along it's satin covered outline evoked a warm sexual tingle that was different from anything I had felt before. Still not believing the obvious, I lifted the jersey to unzip the catsuit and check myself properly. As I did I revealed that the change went past those full hips. Above them was a slim waist that accentuated the full curve of my hips. Unzipping the catsuit and slipping it down below my knees, I ran my hands over my now smooth and hairless thighs. The skin on my thighs and bum now had that deep softness and silken feel that women have. My heart in my throat, I looked down between my legs at a triangle of short blond hair. There was the hint of a crack running out of sight underneath me. Spreading my knees the catsuit slid easily to my ankles. Using the tips of my fingers, I gently pulled the lips of the crack apart. I was greeted by the sight of the pink folds of a clitoris and the chill feel of cool air on sensitive skin. That was it! Whipping my hands away I slammed my legs together, trying to hid the evidence of my new womanhood. How the hell had this happened?! The catsuit must have done it to me and it had come from Graham and Neil's place. If anyone could reverse this it was them, I didn't know how I was going to get them to, but I had to find a way. The first problem was that to get back there I had to get past the cops. I definitely didn't want bureaucracy to interfere in getting myself back to normal or for them to discover my problem. But how?? I was going to have to use the catsuit. Pulling it back up I zipped to high waist again, careful not to zip further than first time. I noticed it felt uncomfortable on my hips and discovered it had pockets and the linings were screwed up in a lump, so I slipped my hands into the pockets and straightened them out. I checked myself in the mirror as I straightened my jersey. My hands! I now had long well shaped pink nails on the end of small with delicate fingers and distinctly feminine hands. That, combined with my very female lower half, would be impossible to hide, much less explain, if the cops stopped me. Just looking this weird in this part of town could earn me a trip to the station no doubt followed by becoming a scientific curiosity. A rethink was needed. They will be looking for a man with short hair and pink shorts. Perhaps I could manage to look female enough to get past them. My feet had already changed so I could wear the boots and even if the wig became my own hair, hair can be cut and it wouldn't worry me to have blond hair instead of brown. My first priority was to get a cock back between my legs and all else was secondary! Sitting down, I noticed how sensual the tight satin of the catsuit felt as it slid across the bed. Picking up the knee high boots, I slipped them on and zipped them up. Having a four inch heels, they accentuated my woman's calf muscles reminding me why I loved women to wear high heels. The boots had obviously been designed with this in mind as they hugged my calves revealing every curve. Standing I moved to the mirror and discovered that the "magic" also allowed me to walk in these shoes like I had grown up wearing them. Looking in the mirror I appraised myself. The shape under my jersey was more male than I would have liked but my bottom half was so undeniably female and sexy that I felt a rush of warmth in my crotch just looking at it. Trying to ignore the foreign edge to my arousal, I decided that I should be able to pass for a flat chested woman below the neck. The problem was above. My head and face were distinctly male. Just then it occurred to me that I should have noticed an increase in height wearing high heels. Comparing myself to the door I realised that in fact I seemed a little shorter than normal. My transformation must have included becoming shorter. I guessed I was now five foot nine, including the heels! Oh well. No point in getting to worked up, anyway, my height, just like my legs, was not as important as filling the gap between my legs with the correct male equipment. Picking up the wig I carefully positioned it, surprised at how well it fit. It's long blond curls fell half way down my back. I slipped my hands behind my neck and gently flicked it as I had seen women do, causing it to settle naturally over my shoulders, part of it cascading down my chest. It was soft and silky to the touch and, when I gave it a tug, there was an answering pain in my scalp that confirmed it was my hair now. Looking in the mirror I swallowed hard. As good as the effect now was I still had to do something about my beard stubble. Trying desperately to convince myself that the makeup wouldn't be part of the "spell" everything else had been under, I applied some of the creme foundation to hide the stubble. No such luck of course. As my fingers rubbed the creme foundation onto my face, not only did the stubble simply disappear, but the skin left behind was soft and smooth. Deciding to get it over with quickly, I spread foundation over my hands and put it on like I was washing my face, applying it over all the exposed skin including my neck and ears. Realising I had been holding my breath, I let it out and opened my eyes. The effect had been more dramatic than I had ever dreamed. My eyes had changed from brown to blue and looked larger, my whole face was now delicate and feminine with slim eye brows, delicate nose and cheek bones, and full rosy lips. I was beautiful, even stunning, although in an cute and innocent kind of way. Looking myself up and down was making me very horny and the strange feelings getting horny was causing was only increasing the effect. Reaching up inside the jersey I unzipped the catsuit and slipped my hand down to my now distinctly warm crotch. Maybe the configuration I found there was familiar to my fingers but the feelings my fingers generated were not. Oh sure, rubbing my clitoris was similar to touching the head of my cock but the way the sensations spread through me, instead of centering in my cock, was sooo much better. My whole, moist, opening was sensitive in a way the shaft of a cock simply can't compare with. I slipped a finger into the now soaked entrance to my new vagina and again the feel of its tight warmth around my finger and silky texture was familiar, but it was coupled with undreamed of feminine sensations of having something inside my vagina. As was my habit, I slowed my ministrations as my excitement built, teasing myself to new heights. Closing my eyes, my excitement was heightened by running my hand over my satin clad female lower half. The feelings of arousal flowing through my body were familiar but being focused inside me made them different in a very special way. I soon started to feel hot so I stripped off my jersey. In doing so the top of the catsuit fell out of its hiding place and, as I ran my hand over my full soft rear, I felt its sleeves brush against my arm. By now I was lost in the lust my gentle teasing had induced and I found myself wanting to feel a woman's breasts under the same satin. Even wondering whether how having breasts stimulated might add to the intense feelings going on inside my body. Out of control I released my pussy and slipped both arms into the sleeves, pulling the top up over my shoulders in one smooth movement, again feeling that static tingle. Straightening the front I zipped it all the way up. My hands slid to my chest and found two large, soft, breasts. Feeling the hard lump of the equally large, erect, nipples that topped them, I started to flick them with my fingers, and discovered a sensitivity that men's nipples could not compare with. As I played with my nipples and breasts I felt my full arousal return. For some reason at that moment the enormity of what I had just done hit me. Still cupping my breasts I realised I had just completed my transformation into a woman! The softness under my fingers and weight I felt on my chest was the most undeniable evidence yet of what was happening to me. Impossible to hide, breasts were the symbol that, in my chauvinistic way, I had used to brand women as sex objects and home makers. Realising that I now had quite a large pair of those symbols was such a shock, my arousal disappeared instantly. Feeling that I was about to break into tears my masculine training took over and redirected the emotion into anger against Graham and Neil. Again I looked in the mirror. The woman looking back was straight out of a sexist male fantasy. The high heels and figure hugging satin catsuit revealing every exotic curve of a body built for sex and all topped off by a beautiful, yet child like, face and gorgeous hair. Graham and John were going to pay for this! My arms had lost all obvious muscle tone and were slim and feminine, my breasts were large, probably C cup. Distracted again, I unzipped the catsuit and pulled it aside revealing their full glory. Released from their prison they were actually more like D Cup. It was strange but the thought going through my mind was, 'my poor nipples'. They had grown enormously and were now bigger than my finger tips and surrounded by arolea two or three inches across. The arolea were speckled with the large "goose bump" type lumps I used to love running my tongue across as a man. Entranced I gently shook my chest, watching and feeling my heavy breasts swing with the motion. It was with some reluctance that I zipped the catsuit back up, partially hiding those magnificent orbs. Perhaps it was my chauvinism or perhaps the "spell", but I only zipped it part way and slipped my hands in the top to adjust my breasts to better show off my new cleavage. Trying to hide them would have been a joke anyway, even my erect nipples where clearly outlined under the tight fabric. To help me focus, I concentrated my earlier thought, 'I have to have a cock back between my legs', repeating it over and over to myself. It worked, as my arousal subsided, I started to think of getting back to Graham and Neil's place. At this stage there was obviously no harm in it, so I put on the belt and applied some makeup. The "spell" must have helped me apply it, I used less than I expected and I managed to do a quite professional job. Highlighting my eyes and cheek bones and giving my lips an even lusher and glossier appearance. The jewellery was simple, a small beaded necklace, three black plastic bracelets for each wrist, and earrings from which dangled some charming black velvet bows. Checking I discovered my ears were in fact now pierced and I slipped on the ear rings. Preparing to leave, I realised that although the cops were no longer a worry, my problem was now looking this sexy on a dark street at night alone. It was a very real problem in what didn't look the most savoury neighbourhood. Waiting till daylight wasn't an option either. That would not only delay my planned return to manhood and risk discovery by the houses owner, but I might miss returning while Graham and John were asleep, something I was counting on to give me a slight advantage. At that moment a realisation hit me and I cursed my stupidity. I hadn't checked the closet! Opening it I discovered a woman's ankle length plain black coat. I could have kicked myself, with this I could have returned with minimal transformation, in fact I might have been able to just go back to my hotel without any transformation at all. It was too late now, I put on the coat, buttoned it, tied the belt and flicked my hair out from under the collar. Noticing how the belt revealed my figure, I decided the coat was more concealing without the belt and untied it. My sexy boots seemed a necessary concession if I was to look normal to the cops. Leaving the bag and jersey I left for Graham and Neil's. 2Part - Returning to the Scene Walking down the street highlighted my new femininity. The noise of my heels clicking noisily on the pavement, my arms brushing against my hips (hips which now seemed so much wider than my shoulders), and the slippery feel of the satin catsuit and silk lined coat. My high heels ("my" that word don't belong with "high heels") also forced me to walk with short steps, placing one foot in front of the other, and this combined with a loose feeling in my hips to give me a sexy bum swivelling gait that was I was sure was still visible under my coat. Topping it all however, was the gentle bouncing of my breasts as I walked. Not only could I feel their weight shifting on my chest but I could also see the movement in the tented front of the coat. I hadn't got far and the cops who had seen me earlier appeared. They pulled up along side me and the nearest one said "Excuse me Mam". It was strange to have to respond to "Mam", but I stopped and turned towards him, "Yes Officer". That was a shock, I hadn't spoken since my transformation and my voice now had a very feminine tone that almost oozed sex. The cop turned to his partner and I thought I caught a quiet "wow" before he turned back. "Are you going far Mam, this isn't a good time of night for a good looking lady like yourself to be out walking." The "mam's" and "lady's" were getting on my 'male' nerves, I wanted to get away from these guys. Leaning down on the door, so I could see them both, I said "It's alright Officers, I live on the next block". They didn't respond immediately and I realised they were both staring at my breasts framed by my hair. The top of my coat had bunched open as I leaned down. Embarrassed, I quickly straightened. The closest cop looked me start the eye and started, "Alright ......" He wanted my name! "Chrissie" I said saying the first name that came to mind. "Chrissie, nice name. So you live here do you Chrissie. A friend of mine lives just down the road, maybe I'll see you around some time.". Embarrassed by such bold eye contact with a man, I glanced down at the pavement and, for lord knows what reason, said "That would be nice". That did it, now I was blushing. What an impression I must have made. Saying that while blushing and glancing 'coyly' at the ground. Thankfully he let me off the hook, "Tell you what Chrissie, we'll sit here and check you get home ok. It was nice meeting you." The dirty sod, a MAN, was trying to hit on me! I was sure he wanted to watch to find out where I lived more than for any other reason. Trying to hide my disgust, I smiled and said "Thank you Officer". "John" he said, "Call me John". "Thank you John. I better go now, nice to meet you too" I said. Feeling a little sick inside I hurried off feeling their eyes on me as I went. It wasn't nice to think how John... he, I corrected, trying to distance myself from him... would be mentally undressing me, just as I would have done in his place. Being watched by the cops was going to make my intended stealthy approach to Graham and Neil's impossible, but I had no choice now. I couldn't see any light on in the house so that was good and I walked up to the door as though I owned the place. Earlier, on my way in, I had stood on a lump in the door mat. Holding my breath, I bent, lifted the mat and.... found a key. Breathing a sign of relief I opened the door, trying to be as quiet as possible while looking confident to my audience in blue. Once inside, I became even more nervous, if that was possible. I hadn't been able to case the place properly and was very worried I might be walking into a trap. I spent a few minute listening for any sound and planning my next move. I felt my best course was to get a knife from the kitchen and use that to get my way that way. In this body, brute strength was not an option. Moving down the hall to the lounge I realised my coat had to go, it rustled with every move I made. Slipping it off, I dropped it where I stood, leaving me in what was an excellent burglar suit even if it wasn't black and was a bit revealing. I started to cross the lounge to the kitchenette. My heels clicked on the tile floor and try as I might I couldn't totally silence them. It was tempting to take them off but I didn't trust my balance on the stiletto heels enough to risk it. Heart in my mouth, I continued and, after what seemed like forever, made it to the kitchenette. Spotting a knife block on the bench, I grabbed a carving knife. Trying to calm my beating heart, I found a door from the kitchen to the hall and then opened the first door off the hall. In the darkness I could make out the dim outline of someone sleeping in a bed. Slipping over to the bed I discovered it was Graham. Placing the knife at his throat I gently woke him (if a knife blade pressed into your throat can be called gentle!). "Shhh. One word out of place and Neil will have one hell of a stain to clean up!". I silently cursed that my voice made the threat sound more like a loving whisper to a lover. "Wwwhat do you want" he whispered, swallowing so hard he nearly cut his own throat. "Sit up real slow and keep your hands on the bed". As he did, I slipped in behind him, quickly reversed the knife in my hand and slammed the handle into the base of his neck. It was one hell of a relief that he collapsed unconscious, I had been worried I wouldn't be strong enough. Finding some neck ties in his wardrobe I rolled him over and tied his hands and feet then gagged him. Handling a naked man in my new female body prompted erotic images that I quickly suppressed. While I admit I was curious about this body, I wasn't attracted to men. Moving on to the next bedroom I did the same to Neil. Then returned, woke Graham and forced him to move to the lounge where I tied him to a chair, again repeating the same process with Neil. As I tied up Neil I noticed Graham had recovered from the shock and was studying every detail of my body as I moved, the effect I was having on him was obvious, as his cock slowly became erect. 'Let the fun begin I thought' vindictively. "So you boys thought you could make your perfect woman eh. Nearly succeeded too didn't you.". Posing provocatively I said "Impressive physical changes, but mentally you missed the target. Unlike that glass of beer!". I saw Neil's eye's go wide as he realised who I was, but Graham somehow managed to smirk, even with the gag in his mouth. 'So, Graham is the brains', I thought. Now I had a target for my anger and, temporarily, a return to manhood was forgotten. The last few hours had been very traumatic for me and I was going to make him pay! Concealing the knife behind my back, I walked slowly and sensually over to Graham, all the while slowly unzipping the catsuit all the way to the crotch. In a voice that dripped sex I said "Is this the way you wanted me to look lover boy". His cock hardened noticeably as I approached. Standing with one leg either side of his, I sat on his knees facing him. Slowly but purposefully I bought the knife into sight and pulled the catsuit aside allowing my bountiful breasts to bob free, right under his nose. The effect it had was perfect, he was torn between watching the knife and staring at my breasts. Pointing with the knife point at his cock, then my pussy, I said "Bet you'd love to put that in there, wouldn't you?". Now both fear and arousal were written clearly all over his face. I must admit that as I sat there on his knees, with his throbbing cock so close, I had been wondering how it would feel to have a cock in my pussy just once before I changed back, but my anger had maintained my focus. Placing the knife tip at the base of his cock, I put what little menace I could into my voice "How about instead I do the same thing you did to me to you, by the only means I have available". The effect was dramatic, unable to struggle without risking severe damage, he started to shake with fear and his cock started to rapidly deflate. "Oh dear, don't you find me attractive any more?" I asked innocently, "Oh well you have no need for these then". So say I cupped his limp cock and balls in one hand and adjusted the knife for the final cut. That was it, he broke down, audibly crying "No" even with the gag on. He was ready for stage two. Leaving the knife where it was, I removed his gag with the other hand and then waited till his blabbering subsided a bit. "Right that's enough! Tell me how you managed this" I said indicating my body. Apparently I had prepared him well, the story came pouring out. In their dabbling with the occult, he and Neil had stumbled on a book that contained a simple way to summon a demon named Taltsis. Apparently a simple but gibberish phrase, spoken before a black pentagram, was all it needed (at this point I couldn't resist a smile at the chagrin this would cause skull carrying, brimstone type occultists if they knew). Asking where the book was, my hopes sank when he replied that Neil had accidentally thrown it out with the rubbish. In desperation I renewed the threat to his manhood and was rewarded by the confession that the phrase was written in his diary in his beside draw. Zipping the catsuit back up I gagged him again. I couldn't help but laugh, or rather giggle (god I hated what they had done to me), at their stupidity. Only people who still left a key under their door mat could have found such a powerful book, lost it, and then entrusted its great secret to a bedside diary! 3 Part - A Deal with a Demon Getting the diary was easy, finding the phrase was harder, but eventually I found it. I tore the page it was on from the diary and then burning the surrounding pages. I wanted to ensure Graham and Neil's days of dabbling were over. Checking Graham and Neil were properly tied and gagged (I didn't want any interference from them) I turned them to face the pentagram. Calling the demon, as scared as I was of that, was my only way to return myself to masculinity. First I carefully decided what I would ask for, everyone knows not to trust a demon, then I stood before the pentagram on the floor and prepared myself. I could feel my heart thumping rapidly in my chest as I took a deep breath and uttered the phrase. After thirty seconds nothing had happened and I started to recheck the phrase on the page, then with no warning a nasty sounding gravelly voice said "Called me to watch you read did ya". I was so shocked I could have sworn my heart stopped. Standing in the pentagram was what would have looked like an ordinary man, if he hadn't been so hideously deformed. It seemed every bone had been broken and then healed out of shape. Nose, arms, legs, even fingers and toes were all bent and crooked. It was the eyes that stopped you feeling sorry for him. They were obviously based on human eyes but now there was a red glow where the whites should have been, giving them a evil look that sent a shiver down my spine and, for all his apparent frailty, I could sense raw power emanating from him. Looking me up and down, with an obviously lecherous expression, he said. "So you were the luck winner of Graham's lottery. Like ya prize darlin'?". Regaining some composure, I pushed down my snipe back at him. "No I don't and you are going to fix things". "That right. Well how about giving that body a try out first eh.". Suddenly his image changed to that of a handsome body builder with an erect 10 inch cock and I found myself running my eyes appreciatively over his body. As my gaze settled on his cock, I felt a surge of arousal and a sudden desire to touch it. Unable to control myself I moved to him and took his hot and throbbing cock in my hand. Starting to stroke it up and down I realised I had to feel it inside my pussy. I actually willed him to hurry up as he slowly unzipped my catsuit and cupped my breasts. As he rolled both my bared nipples between each thumb and for finger, I moaned with pleasure at the sensations shooting through me and rolled my head back. As I did that I looked into his eyes and saw the evil fire that he could never disguise. That snapped me out of his spell and I stumbled backwards out of the pentagram. Roaring with terrible laughter, he changed back to his original form and said "Be thankful darlin' that the old stories about breaking the pentagram are bullshit, else right now you'd be fucked. Literally!. Right, let's cut the crap and get this over with, I've got better places to be than this shit hole!". For the first time I agreed with him. I quickly gathered my thoughts and stated my requirements. "First a couple of general items. Nothing resulting from this transaction can result, directly or indirectly, in physical harm to any person. All magic items possessed by Graham or Neil are to be rendered useless and you yourself will never, directly or indirectly, change me again, mentally or physically, after the end of this transaction.". "Boring restrictions like that 'ill cost ya darlin'!" The "Darlin'" shit was starting to get on my wick. "Second, I want the ability to change Neil and Graham's bodies and clothing and personalities however I desire, although I must also be able to restore their personalities at will and nothing I do is to affect their memory of their lives or their status as my slaves. "Hmmm..." said the demon smiling evilly, "Much better, that sounds fun...". "Third, I...." "Oh, aren't we a greedy little girl." The demon said, oozing sarcasm. The words "little girl" had their desired effect and I felt my anger rising, all I wanted was to be rid of the evil creature. "Just shut up and give me the male body I desire. While your at it change these clothes!". "DONE... Our business is concluded, but, for the sheer enjoyment of watching your face, I'm going to explain your mistake! Oh your protections will work and you have the abilities you asked for over those two scum. You even have the body you requested". Glancing down I saw he was right, I was in an improved version of my old body and the catsuit clearly showed it was fully male, but I didn't like the direction his words were taking, what had I missed!?! "As for the clothing, that was your mistake. After I change it I can no longer do anything to you but whatever it does to you is up to me!". Instantly I saw the truth in his words, I had intended to end the protection with "after the transformation I will request in a moment" but instead I had said "after the completion of this transaction". My fear must have shown in my eyes as he smiled so wide he displayed all of the few remaining teeth in his mouth, uttered a very satisfied "YESSS", and simply disappeared without so much as a flash of light or a hint of smoke. He really was going to torture me with this one. As I looked down, my catsuit started to slowly reform itself and, just as slowly, my body slowly changed back to female. When it was over I was physically as before, except that now my hair was brunette and my skin a little darker. The big change was my clothing. In place of the sexy, but street legal, catsuit was a rubber fetish dream. Skin tight black latex thigh boots, with stiletto heels that felt higher than the pink ones had been, and a black latex body suit that incorporated arms, but was cut away from the collar to just below my nipples. The body suit had a zip at the front that ran down under my crotch and, a quick feel with my hand revealed, ended half way up my bum. I had been right to fear dealing with a demon and should probably be thankful my problems where this minor. Cursing my stupidity I tried to console myself that at least I was still human, I could always change my clothes, and at least could now revenge myself on Graham and Neil. Grinning at the fun I imaged was to come I turned to them. Approaching Graham I removed his gag and as he opened his mouth to speak I thought how good it would be if he was mute. As much as he tried to speak no sound came out and I realised that the demon had granted at least that one request. On impulse I wished that neither Graham nor Neil could ever bring themselves to do me, directly or indirectly, any harm. Moving in front of Graham I sat on his lap again. I started to rub my breasts in his face while stroking his cock with my hand. I wanted him to feel one last male arousal before I commenced the obvious punishment for his treatment of me. He must have guessed his fate as he was very slow to respond to my ministrations. I didn't want to force him by using my new power, that would reduce my enjoyment of the moment, so I unzipped the body suit all the way to the bum and my breasts settled enticingly on my chest. Putting my hands on his shoulders, I started rubbing my bare crotch up and down his semi erect shaft and I whispered teasingly in his ear, "I want you inside me". Finally he started to react in spite of himself and I felt his cock harden against my bush. "How do you like it? It's your last as a man you know.". Curiosity getting the better of me, I leaned back and looked down. Surprisingly his cock didn't subside at my words this time, in fact it seemed to be getting bigger. It glistened with moisture and I realised I was getting very horny, it was my own love juices coating his thick cock. In order to maximise the tease, I increased my movements so that my clit rubbed the sensitive head of his cock at the top of each rub. Just as I realised I was getting carried away and had better stop, I misjudged and the head of his cock slipped into the well lubricated entrance to my vagina. I froze. I knew I should get off but the feeling of that hot flesh pushing into me held me there. Before I regained control he pushed up with his hips and slid half his length into me. The feeling of that large hot shaft forcing my pussy wide finished my resistance and I sank, willingly, down into his lap. Groaning with pleasure as his firm fle sh filled and then stretched my pussy. At that moment I felt hands cupping my breasts and a tongue flicking one nipple as warm breath play across it. I didn't remember closing my eyes but at some point I had. Opening them, I found Graham was now a version of the body builder that the demon had become and all his bonds were gone. A struggle ensued in my head as I realised that the tricky damn demon had twisted that request as well. My power over Graham and Neil was driven by my desires not my conscious mind and I couldn't seem to control those desires. As I fought for control over my, no doubt intentionally, traitorous body, Graham slowly rose to his feet, holding me to him with both hands on the checks of my bum. Being shorter than him and considering the incredible length of his cock inside me, it simply not possible for me to do anything but wrap my arms and legs around him and go along for the ride. What a ride it turned out to be! At first I though my pussy would burst as I sank down until his full length was inside me, but, as he slowly lifted me up and down on his shaft, my vagina adjusted and my pleasure build at the sensation of him moving inside me. The combination of that very feminine sensation and the surges from my clitoris as it rubbed against his stomach, drove me to heights I had never dreamed of. I started to cry out "Oh YES, Fuck me. YES", my cries rising to a screams as the most intense orgasm I had even experienced rolled though me. As it did I felt his cock start to jerk deep inside me and I felt a new warmth deep within my sex. As his cock slipped out of me and he lowered me to the floor, it hit me that that warmth was his sperm sitting right at the entrance to MY womb. I knew the effect that knowledge should be having on me but instead I savoured the feeling, closing my eyes and revelling in the female afterglow of my orgasm and the totally femininity of that warmth deep inside me. After a few moments an erotic shock ran though me as both my nipples disappeared into warm moist mouths. Opening my eyes I was greeted by the sight of two identically build body builders, alternately sucking on my nipples and then flicking them with their tongues. One slipped his hand between my legs and started to run his fingers all around the lips at the entrance to my pussy. This new body of mine had been designed for sex and, being female, I was already ready for more. Although intellectually I knew I shouldn't, I felt an irresistible need to have my pussy filled again and reached for their cocks. Finding one hard and ready, I pushed its owners bum around between my legs which were spread wide, baring my pussy in anticipation. His hot length slid easily in to its hilt on his first thrust and, as his groin pressed against my now throbbing clitoris, I felt electric tingles run through my whole body. Those tingles continued as he thrust into me and I helplessly bucked my hips, increasing the force of each slap against my clitoris. This time I had multiple orgasms before again I felt that warmth as he came deep inside me. The first man was now apparently ready again and as he rolled me on my side and entered my pussy from behind, I could have sworn I heard demonic laugher and the true horror of my situation dawned in a corner of my mind. This gorgeous body of mine controlled my desires with its intense sexuality and the form and mental attitude of my two companions was controlled by those desires. I was going to have sex with these two every way my mind could imagine, till exhaustion took me, and then, even if I did get away from here, I wouldn't be alone on the town ever again.