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Larry's Fortune

by Christina Kahler

"What a life." Larry Thomas thought to himself as he woke up and stared at the ceiling of the huge bedroom. He smiled, propped the pillow up behind him and sat up, gazing out the window at the yard man who was busy mowing outside. "Poor slob." Larry thought as he watched the old man toil. Larry knew well that the yard man tended the yard (actually it was more a landscaping job since the lawn and grounds covered almost an acre of land), weeded and mowed and sweated all day, 6 days a week. It looked like back-breaking work...the kind Larry had been used to not that long ago. Now, he was living in the lap of luxury and he grimaced to think of how his life had been going only 6 months ago. Larry had been a janitor for the local school district until the school board decided to scale back on employees to stay within budget. He was a 24 year-old with fairly long, scraggly hair and the slightest hint of a beard. That, along with his piercing blue eyes, made him very popular with the ladies, despite his constant lack of much spare money. His dates weren't lavish, but he dressed nicely and his finely toned muscles were the object of many covert stares from the opposite sex. What had brought him to the life he was now leading was just a fluke. He had been primarily dating two women, Karen Lee and JoAnn Kline, for the last year and a half. Karen was the main object of his attention and he used JoAnn to fill in when Karen wasn't available. Both women knew about the other and didn't seem to mind sharing Larry, so he was doing alright for himself in the romance department Larry sat up and flashed back to the day almost exactly six months before when he'd trudged up the steps of the decaying apartment building to his flat. He'd been looking for a new job since being laid off and had been unemployed for nearlt 3 months. As he jammed the key in the lock, the piece of paper taped to the door caught his attention. It read: "NOTICE TO VACATE" You are hereby notified that on January 31st, you are expected to vacate these premeses for non-payment of rent. This is a legal notice. "SHIT!" Larry said, ripping the notice down and crumpling it in his fist and he walked into the barren apartment and slammed the door behind him. he had begged and pleaded last month with the old lady who owned the place to let him have one more month to find a job, but she wouldn't hear of it. She had given him 2 weeks to catch the rent up or be evicted. Now it had happened. Larry began to pace, thinking of what he was going to do. Being a street person wasn't his idea of fun. It was freezing outside. But he had honestly been looking every day for a job. His curse was that he had dropped out of high school and wasn't qualified for many positions. It was winter and there weren't even any manual labor jobs to be found. He was screwed! He walked over to the phone and punched in a number. "Hello?" came a soft voice on the other end. "JoAnn? This is Larry." he said. "Larry?" she asked. "I've missed you. You haven't called in over a month." " I know. I'm sorry Jo-Jo. I've been busy trying to find a job and haven't been able to. Now I'm about to be booted out of my place. Think you can help me out with a place to stay for a while until I get on my feet?" The woman's voice changed suddenly from sweet to angry. "NO!" she snapped. "Listen! You ignore me whenever your precious Karen is around. You don't call me for a month and suddenly you call out of the blue expecting me to take you in like some lost puppy. Forget it! Call me when you really want to see me...not use me!" she screeched. "But Jo-Jo.." Larry began to protest. *CLICK* was his answer and she was gone. He slammed the receiver back into its cradle and thought for a second, then picked it up again and punched in another number. "Lee residence." came a matter-of-fact man's voice on the other end. "Hello, James." Larry said, recognizing the voice of the Lee's man-servant. "Is Karen in?" "And who may I say is calling?" the butler asked. "Larry Thomas." Larry said, his voice tensing. He knew that James knew full-well who was calling. He had called the house a thousand times before. "Very well. I'll check, sir. Please wait." Larry heard the phone as it was laid down gently. After what seemed an hour, Karen picked up the phone. "Larry!" she said happily. "I was going to call you after while. Sorry it took a minute for me to get to the phone. I was in the sauna." "Karen, I have a big favor to ask, so please hear me out and don't hang up on me." "I wouldn't hang up on you." she re-assured him. "Go on." "I'm being evicted from my apartment in a couple of weeks. The job hunting isn't going well and I need a place to stay...just for a little while. Please?" he asked sheepishly. "Larry..."she began."you know you're always welcome here. Daddy has so much room that if you stayed here, you'd probably never even run into him. Plus, he likes you. Of course you can stay here for a while." The Lees were people of means. Dr Kenneth Lee was a well-known surgeon in the city, had a thriving practice and two offices. He had made a fortune in the medical practice, but had also made some tremendous land buys which had made him wealthy beyond his dreams. The Lee estate was huge, with an indoor swimming pool, sauna, pool room, and even a movie theater. There were maids and butlers and cooks and yard attendants...even a chauffeur. Larry smiled broadly. "Thank you, hon." he said with a sigh of relief. "When do you think it would be okay for me to come? I ave to be out of here in 2 weeks." "Don't be silly!" she said. "Any if you'd like." "Today it is, then." Larry said, his smile widening even further. 'Thanks a million Karen!" "See you soon." she said, and hung up. Larry hirriedly gathered his few belongings, took a last look at the crappy apartment, grinned and left, not bothering to lock the door behind him. He hopped a bus with his two suitcases and an hour later was knocking on the front door of the Lee estate. As I said, that had been almost six months ago now. His old life almost seemed like a dream. His only confusion in the big picture was that he and Karen had slept together several times in the past. But when he'd moved in, she'd given him his own room. They hadn't once had sex. He had questioned her about it, but she had countered, saying that if he wanted to be sure to be able to stay, they had to act like they were just friends, or her father would put him out. "Small enough price to pay." he thought as he brushed the long strands of hair from his eyes and got out of bed. He wandered over to the window and looked down at the yard. The old yard man's assistant was busy moving a load of sod in what appeared to be a very heavily loaded wheelbarrow. The young man's muscles bulged in his arms and legs and Larry suddenly felt himself blush. He wanted to turn away, but couldn't make himself divert his eyes. The tan young man sweated and his shirt stuck to his chest. Larry watched as the young man bent to pick up a roll of sod that had fallen from the wheelbarrow. Larry looked at the man's rear end and a foreign thought shot into his mind. "Cute ass." Suddenly, Larry, his face red with shame turned from the window. "What the hell is wrong with me?" he asked himself. "I'm NOT gay! I don't like men. I love women!" he thought as he turned to look at himself in the dressing mirror. "I think I need a couple of nights with Karen." he thought as he began to get dressed. The thoughts of the yard man's assistant didn't leave his head all morning and he found himself blushing in embarrassment more than once as the day dragged on. He decided to go for a swim in the outside pool. That would take the edge off. Once back in his room following a hearty breakfast, which had been served to him by the cook, he pulled on his special thong for swimming, which Karen had told him he looked sexy in, grabbed a towel from the linen closet in the hallway, draped it around his neck and went to the pool. The water felt fantastic. It was the middle of June now and it was already warming up outside, promising to be a scorcher of a day. After an hour or so of hard swimming, he decided to get out of the pool and lay out on a lounge chair to work on his tan. He lay face down and let the sun bake him slightly. He was about to turn over onto his back when a deep voice behind him said, "Miss...I have to clean the pool now. Would you like me to turn away while you put your top on?" the voice asked. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked behind him to see a muscular arm holding out a bikini top. Karen must have left it last time she sunned herself. But why was this pool man calling him MISS, of all things? He almost turned over with a scowl on his face to tell the guy to get fucked and that he was a guy. But then it occurred to him that with his long hair that flowed down his back and the fact that the man couldn't see his face..."Easy mistake to make, I guess." Larry thought. But rather than roll over and tell the man he was a male also, Larry reached up and took the bikini top and waited for the man to turn away. And for reasons he couldn't fathom, he sat up quickly and put the top on, tying it behind him, then laid back silently on his stomach. As the pool man went about his business, Larry lay there, glancing occasionally to see where the man was. Larry had seen this guy before once or twice last year when he'd been here swimming with Karen. The pool man had been hired by Karen, herself, for the express pleasure of staring at him while he cleaned the pool. Larry recalled her exact words from last summer..."He's gorgeous! If he wasn't a pool man, I'd seduce him in a second." she had said, running a hand up her curvaceous leg. Larry looked again at the pool man, whose shirt was off as he swiped a net through the water. "God help me." Larry thought. "He IS gorgeous!" Larry continued to lay there quietly, hoping that the pool man would finish quickly and then just leave. But things didn't go the way he'd hoped. He heard the heavy footsteps behind him and coming closer. The pool man spoke again. This time in a friendlier voice. "Hi again. My name's Jason. Miss Lee told me that her cousin was coming for a visit this week. You must be her. She said your name was Lisa, right?" Just then, Larry remembered Karen having said something at dinner the previous night about her cousin, Lisa, coming out from New York for a short visit. She'd also said that her cousin had just left a bad relationship and was lonely and needed a change of scene. Karen had also said something about introducing her to someone she knew named Jason. NOW it all made sense! Karen must have told this pool guy about her cousin and now he was mistaking Larry for this Lisa. Larry laid there silently, his mind racing, trying to figure out what to do and say. Why in the hell had he put the bikini top on? WHY? His head was spinning, he was so nervous. He flashed back to a time when he was younger. He had always hated high school, which was why he had eventually dropped out. His mother worked a day job and his father had died when Larry was 5 years old. Larry had cut classes one day and gone home to have lunch. The school principal had called and Larry had been foolish enough to answer the phone. When asked what was going on, Larry had said he had been sick and had gone home. Larry had never had a really deep voice and when the principal had asked to speak to Larry's mother, Larry had set the phone down for a moment, mustered his courage and did his best imitation of a female voice. Surprised as he could be, it had worked like a charm. The principal had thought he had spoken to Larry's mother. And it worked time-after-time until Larry dropped out. "Okay," Larry thought, "it worked when I was 17, it'll work now." "You're Lisa, right?" the man behind him said again. Larry raised his voice as much as possible and said in a soft tone, "Yes." still not looking up. "I thought so." Jason said. There was a smile in his voice. Then he continued, "Karen...uh...Miss Lee said you would be here today and that you might like to go out sometime while you're here. You free tomorrow night?" "No." Larry said softly, taking care not to lose is concentration. If he lowered his voice, this Jason character might just beat the crap out of him. Larry was kicking himself mentally for having gotten himself into this spot. "WHY?" Larry asked himself again. "Why didn't I just roll over and tell the guy to bite me when he called me MISS?" But no answers came. "What about on Friday night?" Jason asked, picking up the bottle of suntan lotion Larry had brought out with him. Larry heard the bottle being squeezed and suddenly felt Jason's large hands on his back, rubbing oil on him. "Ummm...that's delicious." Larry thought to himself, loving the way it felt. No wonder women were always asking guys to rub suntan oil on them. Then Larry blushed again. He felt an erection growing between his legs and he couldn't help it. Jason finished, put the top back on the suntan oil and said, "You never did say about Friday night. Wanna go dancing or something?" "Thanks, but no." Larry almost whispered, actually for some reason, wanting to say yes. Jason stood up and started to walk away. But he called back. "I think you're cute and I'm not giving up. I'll call you tonight and maybe we can talk for a while. See ya." And with that, Larry heard Jason close the gate to the pool and he was gone. It took a LONG time for his erection to subside enough for Larry to feel comfortable about standing up. What was going on? He was far enough away from the house that, especially with the fence and hedge surrounding the pool, he was sure he wouldn't be seen as he stood and removed the bikini top, tossing it onto the ground. "How the hell could that Jason guy think I was cute? He never even got a look at my face?" he wondered. He thought about it on the long walk up the cobblestones which led back to the main house. He ran upstairs and looked at himself in the miror again. His hair had always been so tangled and ratty before he had moved in here. Now, he was taking care to brush it gently and use conditioners that Karen or her mother always had near the shower and for the first time he noticed that his muscle tone had diminished...GREATLY. Maybe it was lack of activity. And as he stared at himself and his hair and his body, all in one big picture, he thought "Damn! I can see maybe why this guy thought I was a chick. And I was stupid enough to lead him on by raising my voice. But now this Jason is going to call Lisa tonight and she's going to be here. She'll tell him he's some kind of idiot and that she never met him. What am I going to do? Karen CANNOT find out about this!" he thought, starting to panic as he had a mental picture of Karen tossing his things out on the front lawn and screaming at him to get out. As Larry was pulling on some jeans, a knock came on the bedroom door. "Larry?" asked a somewhat muffled voice. "May I come in?" It was Karen. "Uh...yeah...sure." he answered, pulling on a t-shirt. Karen opened the door and came into the room. She had never looked prettier. Her long, blonde hair flowed gently around her shoulders and her make-up was flawless, as always. She approached Larry and put a hand on his chest. "You look yummy today." she said unexpectedly. "I'm horny and I want you to fuck me." She moved a hand down to Larry's crotch, which had always produced a raging hard-on, but as she rubbed the denim of his jeans which covered his penis, there was no reaction. Surprisingly, Larry didn't even feel like making it with her at all. "Look, Karen," he began, "I used to want you so badly it hurt, but ever since I moved in here, it's different somehow. I don't want your father to think I'm here to screw his daughter and make me leave. I love it here." She continued her advances to no avail. Larry wasn't aroused or interested at all. But rather than walk out hurt and angry as Larry expected, she simply sat down by the dressing table and stared at him. "What?" Larry finally asked, when he saw her gaze fixed on him. " I have a confession to make." Karen said slowly. "This morning I was really feeling horny. I thought of you and saw you leave out the back door toward the pool. I was going to seduce you in the pool. I've never made love there before. So, I went to my room, got all made up, got into my cutest two-piece and was on my way to the pool when I got a phone call. It was my cousin, Lisa. She said she had to delay her visit for a few days. We talked for about 30 minutes, then I hung up and walked out to the pool. I was about to walk around to the other side of the hedge when I heard voices, so I stopped and looked through a gap in the hedge. Well...I was embarrassed at first because I saw you laying on a lounge chair, face-down with Jason rubbing oil on you. And to top it off, you were wearing one of my tops. Larry, what's going on?" Larry explained the best he could, saying that he had no idea what had possessed him to put the top on, but that he was too frightened to resist Jason or let on that he wasn't her cousin once he had taken the bikini top. "Do you ever feel like a girl, Larry?" Karen asked, looking intently into his eyes. "NO!" he shouted and turned away from her. Then in a smaller voice, "Not until today. Karen, I don't know what's happening to me, but I've seen two men today and I've looked at them and admired their bodies and their butts. And when Jason put oil on my back, I actually got a hard-on. There! Now you know! So, I'll be leaving sometime this afternoon. It's so embarrassing! I'm NOT gay!" "Maybe you're not, Larry. And you don't have to leave. I won't tell anybody about this. But how would you like to try something? A little experiment?" "What kind of experiment?" Larry asked, relieved that his feelings were out in the open. Maybe Karen could help him. "Come here." she said, taking his hand and leading him over to the mirror. "Look at yourself. Do you ever wonder what you'd look like with a different hair style? Maybe that's what you need. My stylist is coming this afternoon. Why don't we let her see what she can do with your hair?" Larry agreed to let the woman work on him. He watched as the woman did a masterful job with Karen's hair and gave her a make-over. She was VERY good at her job. And Larry was certain that she was paid handsomely for it. Then, it was his turn. Karen motioned for him to sit in the beauty chair. Larry hadn't known that Karen and her mother actually had a little one-chair salon in the basement. He walked over and sat down, expecting to have a lot of his hair chopped off. But at this point, if it made him feel more masculine, he was all for it. The stylist began by washing his hair. Then she toweled it off and began combing and working on it, but she wasn't cutting much off. Larry laid back and relaxed. Having his hair cut had never felt so nice. He felt calm and at peace. Then, after what seemed 30 minutes or so, the stylist began brushing and combing his hair and blowing it dry, adding mousse at times. When she was finished, she combed a small amount of hair forward, over his forehead and sprayed it to hold it in place. Then she turned Larry to face the mirror so he could see the end result. And what he saw was a monstrous surprise. " a woman's hairstyle." he said, seeing the feathered plowing layers of hair adorning his face. He wanted to scream for the stylist to fix it and fix it NOW! But he was only able to stare at it. "What do you think?" the stylist asked him. "It's very lovely." was all Larry could muster. "Oh, Larry!" Karen gushed. "If I saw a girl with hair like that, I'd be SO envious! Marla, you did a wonderful job! Larry, if you were wearing a little make-up, I'd swear you were female!" Larry looked at his face and Karen was right. He imagined himself with make-up on and something inside him wished he could try some. "Would you like a make-over similar to Karen's...with the right colors for you, of course?" Marla offered. "Oh Larry...let her do it!" Karen said enthusiastically. Larry couldn't stop himself. He nodded his head and Marla went to work. It was like magic. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick. And when she was finished, Larry could only see himself from the neck up, but he saw a woman staring back at him in the mirror. And she was beautiful. He hated what he saw. But...he loved what he saw. "Thanks, Marla!" Karen said, handing the woman a check. "I'll see you in a week." With that, the woman nodded and left. With Larry still taking backward glances at himself in the mirror, Karen took his hand and led him upstairs. "What if someone sees me like this?" Larry asked. "Don't be silly." Karen told him. "Mother is out of town visiting her sister and daddy is in meetings all day. He won't be home until late tonight." "But what about the maids? What about James? He's never liked me and if he sees me like this, he'll for sure tell your father." Larry said nervously. "Not if he likes his job." Karen said re-assuringly, leading him up the flight of stairs to her room. She opened the door and ushered him in, closing it behind him. No one had seen them and Larry heaved a sigh of relief. His head was spinning. Karen pointed to a neat pile of clothing. "Put those on." she instructed. Without questioning her, Larry reached down and picked up a powder blue blouse. "NO! Put the bra on first." Karen said, shaking her head. "Look. I don't even have any breasts. So why wear a bra?" Larry asked. Karen opened a drawer, brought out a bottle of red pills, poured two of them out and handed them to Larry. "Take these." she said. Larry dry-swallowed them as Karen explained. "You know my father is a doctor. But you don't know much about his practice. He's been working on a patent for these little pills that will make us 100 times wealthier than we are now. Remember a few months ago when my breasts were only a 34a? Well...these little pills are responsible for this." she said as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. "I'm a 38C now." "But I just thought you had a boob job or something." Larry said. " father developed this pill that instantly increases breast size. For someone completely flat-chested, like you, two of these pills will add 2 cup sizes within an hour. And the change is permanent." "Permanent?" Larry nearly shrieked. "But I don't WANT breasts! What the hell are you doing to me?" "Are you sure you don't want breasts, Larry? REALLY sure? Think about it for a second." Larry did think about it. And the more he thought, the more he realized that he would do almost anything to have nice breasts. He didn't know why..nor did he care any more. He wanted breasts. And as the thoughs went through his mind, he felt his chest area begin to swell. And as he stood there, he felt his flesh begin to expand and mounds begin to form. Within 10 minutes he had a full a-cup.He sat on the edge of the bed and within an hour, he had a full b-cup. During that time, Karen had applied acrylic nails and had given him a manicure. She was putting on the finishing touches, then had him put on one of her old bras that she thought would fit. When it was obvious that he wasn't going to fit into it, she took out a c-cup and handed it to him. It fit nicely and Larry loved the feel of the weight on his chest, as well as how sensitive his nipples had become since they had enlarged to the size of half-dollars. He stood and put on the blouse and noticed that his jeans were very uncomfortable. "Put these jeans on. They'll fit better." Karen said, handing him a pair of hers. As he slipped his old jeans off, he caught a glance of himself in Karen's mirror. He had developed a VERY feminine curvature and bodily appearance and to the casual observer, he would have no trouble at all being taken for female. He put on Karen's jeans, a pair of slides that she offered and stood, gazing into the mirror. "What did you think of Jason this morning?" Karen asked him at last. "I thought he was nice." Larry said casually, but blushing at the same time. " No. I mean what did you REALLY think of him? Isn't he just a god?" "I...I guess so." Larry finally admitted. "I wish I'd looked like this this morning. If I had, maybe he'd have been interested in me." Larry said, suddenly losing any guilt he had been feeling about having a starnge attraction to nice-looking men. "Okay. If you're going to LOOK like a woman, you're also going to have to act and sound like a woman. Try this." Karen said, producing another bottle of pills and handing one to him. "These work to tighten your vocal chords and will give you a higher voice. Funny, but my dad made these for me when I was going through a phase, wanting to study opera. I don't even like opera, really. But I had an alto voice and these pills raised it to soprano." Larry swallowed one, but when he spoke, there was no noticable change in his voice. "No difference that...I can tell." he began, but as the sentence finished, his voice raised in tone and pitch so that the last three words he spoke were soft and feminine sounding. He tried again. "Hello? How does this sound, Karen?" "Oh my lord!" Karen said, smiling. "You sound fabulously female!" Larry smiled. Karen said, "Larry! Quick! Take those clothes off!" "Why?" asked Larry's new, higher voice. "Just do it! I need to see something!" Larry peeled off the clothes and stood naked before Karen. "Larry, I don't know how, but look at yourself in the mirror." He turned, and except for his penis, which had shrunk dramatically and his shriveled testicles, his body now had perfect female form. Pronounced hips, smaller waist and his breasts, which stood out firmly, his nipples erect. "Do something for me. Think of Jason. Think of his muscles and his tight ass. Think of his arms and his chest. Think of him holding you close to him." Karen said. Larry DID think of those things, but he didn't get an erection. His penis hung down, flaccid. But his face grew warm and his breathing rate increased. He felt flush. "WHEW!" he said, trying to get a good breath. "I KNEW IT!" Karen said emphatically. "You just had a hot flash! Your first one!" she giggled gleefully. "You're developing all the female traits and characteristics. Who knows how far the changes will go? You're becoming a woman right before my eyes!" Larry felt like covering himself, so he knelt and picked up the bra and panties he'd been wearing and slipped them back on. Then he looked at himself again in the mirror. "I'm really pretty. I look like a model." he gasped in his sweet, feminine voice. He had long since lost all desire to fight the new feelings he had toward his feelings and the changes in his body. He, LOVED how he looked and felt. "Let's get you dressed and go out for lunch." Karen said, reaching into her closet. She took out a very cute, short white print dress and scrambled in the closet of a pair white shoes with 2-inch heels. Soon, she had Larry dressed to the nines, and all accessorized with a pretty necklace and complimentary earrings. His ears had already been pierced, so finding earrings for him had been a snap. She completed his look with a white purse, an exensive gold ladies watch and a couple of tiny rings, along with some bangle bracelets. Then, she stepped back to admire her handywork. The man she had known as Larry was gone and in his place stood a woman that most men would drool over. Larry had been right. He was "model-beautiful" and Karen never said it but she was a little envious of his figure. Karen got out one of her nicer outfits and threw herself together and as they were heading downstairs toward the garage and Karen's Porche. Passing through the kitchen, none of the help who were milling around, going about their business gave them aa second look except the butler, James. James was in his late 50's and very proper, but he had been with the family for over a decade and was aboe to take certain liberites that the other help could not. "Leaving, madam?" he asked Karen as she and Larry continued toward the garage door. "Yes, James. My friend and I are going out for lunch and some shopping. We should be back by 6 pm." "Very well, madam. And may I ask who your friend is? I don't believe we've met and I'm sorry I missed her arrival. I should have been more attentive to the doorbell." "No apology necessary, James. This is...Lisa. She's the cousin I told you about that is visiting for a while. She'll be staying in the room next to mine." James approached, took Larry's hand and said. "Ms. Lee didn't inform me that her cousin was so lovely. It's my pleasure." he said, kissing the back of Larry's hand. Larry blushed slightly. James had always treated him like dirt. But now that he thought Larry was a woman, he was treating him like royalty. "Thank you very much. It's nice to meet you." Larry smiled. James had had no idea that Larry and this...this goddess were the same person. And Larry liked it. The two went out into the garage, raised the door, climbed into the hot red Porche and were off. They went to an exclusive restaurant for a late lunch and by the time they were seated, they were giggling and talking like long-tme girlfriends. They ordered a light lunch and were waiting for it to arrive when the bartender walked over with a drink in his hand. "White wine for you, Miss." he indicated to Larry. "From the gentleman seated at the table by the bar." Larry looked over and saw a man in a business suit staring at him. The man looked to be in his early thirties, James Bondish rugged looks,.a slight beard and a handsome smile. "Oh, Lisa!" Karen said with a catch in her voice. "He's beautiful! You HAVE to meet him!" Larry didn't respond. "LISA!" Karen whispered loudly, tapping him on the arm. "Remember, you're Lisa from now on. LOOK! He's coming over!" Karen giggled. "Hi." the man smiled. "My name's David. I culdn't help noticing how beautiful you were and I wondered if you might be interested in dinner this evening. I'm single and in town on business for a week or so and I have to tell you that it's lonely not knowing anyone here." "I'm Lisa. And this is my friend, Karen." Larry said, smiling into the man's deep brown eyes. Karen thought fast. "Look you two. I can see that you'd like to talk and since I have an errand to run, why don't I just come back in about an hour?" Before Larry could protest, she was up and walking toward the front door. Larry stood to call her back but David put an arm on Larry's shoulder. "Please let her go. I'd give anything to get to know you and talk for a while." Lunch arrived, and they made small talk, Larry inventing a past and listening to David's life story. The check came and Larry remembered that he didn't have a dime in his purse. He started to panic, but David pulled out a credit card and handed it to the waiter. Larry hadn't thought of it until now, but it was NICE to be the woman and have the man pay for a change. He smiled and took David's hand in his smaller ones. "That's sweet of you. Thank you." Lisa said as Karen reappeared. "Well? What's happening here? If you two would rather, I can go on home and David can either bring you later or I can send a car for you." Karen said to Lisa. David stood and said, "I have an appointment this afternoon. But I'd love to take you for dinner and dancing this evening if you're free, Lisa." Lisa scribbled Karen's address on a napkin with the waiter's ink pen. "I'd love to. Here's the address. What time should I be ready?" "How does 7 sound?" David asked. "Perfect!" Lisa said as David walked around and held her chair as she stood. He took her hand and gave her a peck on the cheek. "See you then." he said, flashing a handsome smile and left the restaurant. Once he was out of sight, Lisa looked at Karen and said, "He's SO sweet! And a real gentleman. PLUS, he's so cute! Karen, I want him!" "What do you mean?" Karen asked. "I WANT him! I want him to hold me and stroke my hair, I want him to kiss me and make love to me! I want him!" "Hmmmm..." Karen mused. "I had a feeling something like this was coming. Let's take a drive to my father's office. I spoke to him while you had lunch with David and I think you'll want to hear what he has to say." They got into Karen's car and made the 10 mile drive across town to the office building where her father did most of his work. His offices occupied 3 full suites of rooms. Larry had been opposed to seeing her father at first, but Karen had persuaded him that her father already knew everything and this wasn't going to hurt anything. They walked into Karen's father's office and sat down. "Larry..." Dr. Lee began, "or I guess it's Lisa now, isn't it? I have some things to discuss with you. Some of it you may not be happy about, but do't interrupt me. Listen to everything and when I'm finished, you may say whatever is on your mind. "You moved into our home about 6 months ago. I have to say that my motives for allowing it were selfish. I've been working on some projects and I hope someday to receive a Nobel Prize in medicine. You've ben given everything you've needed or wanted and treated well, but in return I'm afraid you've been a bit of a Guinea Pig. In your evening meals, I ave been placing a certain type of sedative. This sedative has properties that have left you open to subliminal suggestion, while keeping you asleep. You've had full instructions on how to act piped into your room nightly. You've also been given every tidbit of information on how to speak, how to dress, feminine mannerisms, etc. It has also altered your brain chemistry slowly so that not only at a given time would your entire outlook on life change, but it would change toward being female. You have been "programmed" you might say to act the way you have today and this change is irreversible. You are also powerless to fight it. In fact, even stopping the sedative intake, the desires and tendencies you're feeling will only grow stronger. But my guess is that you don't care at this point and that you're very anxious to explore full womanhood. And of course, the pills I developed to raise the voice pitch and tone as well as the concentrated hormonal dosages added to all of this. Actually, you've been fed a massive dose of female hormones since day one, but have been given a medicine to hold the changing effects in check. My duaghter gave you 2 pills today that allowed your body to act on those hormonal changes and take on its new shape and size in a matter of minutes. "My last gift to you will be to offer you something nobody else ever could. I've been experimenting on lab animals and I believe I've perfected a way to surgically implant vital female organs; uterus, womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc. into a genetic male so that he functions as normally as any genetic female. If you agree to letting me perform this surgery on you, when it is completed, you should be able to conceive and bear children as any normal female can. You would be a fully functional woman, possibly with a slightly stronger sexual libido than most...a side effect that I haven't found a cure for yet. OH! And, I might add that using a laser technique I've perfected, this surgery will heal within a few hours...not days or weeks. "Lastly, you would have to sign an agreement to make this public knowledge so that I can prove to the world my accomplishments and in return, I would sign a counter agreement that you would receive a monthly trust fund in the amount of $50,000.00. That's $650,000.00 per year, Larry...uhh, Lisa. You would be well taken care of for the rest of your life. Now, do you have anything to say?" Lisa sat speechless for a while. She thought of her new attraction to men, of Jason, of David, of how much she wanted to feel David inside her. "I'll do it." she said finally. After a few minutes, documents were signed and it was decided to proceed immediately with the surgery which, surprisingly, only took 3 hours. When it was finished, Lisa felt complete. She was amazed that she was able to walk out of Dr.Lee's office as if nothing had happened. No pain, no after-effects. She just felt whole....and happy. Once back at the Lee estate, Karen left her to take a shower. As the water pured over her she fully explored her new vaginal area and found her clitoris to be AMAZINGLY sensitive and wonderful to touch. She shuddered as she stroked it gently, coming to orgasm after orgasm. She pinched her nipples lightly and it sent shock waves of pleasure down to her groin. So this was what it felt like for women! How marvelous! She climbed out of the shower and toweled off. Karen had come to tell her that David was downstairs waiting for her, but that she was showing him around the estate and would keep him entertained until she could get ready. With all the knowledge that had evidently been pumped into her brain over the last 6 months, Lisa sat down at the vanity and expertly applied her make-up as though she'd been doing it for years. She went to the closet and took out a little black dress and slipped into it. She quickly fixed her hair, put on a gold necklace and matching earrings, slipped into the black matching pumps and snatched up a beaded clutch purse. She was almost ready to go when she thought about perfume. Karen had some of the most expensive fragrances available and she helped herself to a tiny splash behind her ears, on her wrist and behind her knee. She had never smoked a cigarette in her life, but for some reason she found herself craving one. Karen had left a full carton by the bedside table, along with a fancy gold lighter. Lisa opened the carton, removed two of the packs, putting on in her purse and opening the other. She withdrew a slender cigarette being careful with her perfect nails, put it to her lips and lit it. She inhaled deeply and blew out a stream of smile, holding the cigarette up and to the side in a feminine manner. She felt ultra sexy as she slinked down the stairs to meet David. He took her hand and escorted her to his waiting car. They had dinner and danced for hours and went back to David's hotel room for a nightcap. As they sat together on the sofa of the lavish room, Lisa could feel his breath as he turned toward her, took her into his arms and kissed her. Her panties felt soaked all at once as he carefully began to unzip the slinky dress. She stood and walked out of it, then walked over and unbuckled his belt, unzipping his pants at the same time. She let his pants fall to the ground and began to rub his penis throught the fabric of his briefs. He instantly had an erection and Lisa thought back to how, only about 19 hours ago, she had had her own erection. How long ago it seemed. She sank to her knees and began licking the head of his penis, finally taking it into her mouth. Within minutes she brought him to a massive orgasm and fornd, to her delight, that she loved the taste of semen as it washed over her tongue and she swallowed over and over to get every droplet, then licked her lips, hungry for more. But it wasn't to least not yet. David picked her up and carried her over to the bed and gently laid her down. He removed her bra and panties and began licking her tummy, making his way slowly toward her vagina. By the time his tongue reached it, she was on fire with passion. His tongue slid inside her and found her clitoris and she nearly screamed with pleasure as he manipulated it deftly. She could hardly contain herself as he withdrew his tongue and climbed on top of her. He slid his still-erect penis inside her and began to make slow pumping motions. "FUCK ME, DAVID! FUCK ME NOW! FUCK ME HARD!" she begged. But he went methodically about his business, making her wait for a couple of minutes untl he finally slid his full length into her new vigina. It felt so wonderful having a man inside her that she couldn't help herself and she screamed in unbelievable ecstasy as she came to orgasm after shuddering orgasm simultaneoously with him releasing his sperm into her. When it was over, they both lay back, she in his arms. She lit a cigarette, happy and feeling fulfilled for the first time in her life after a sexual encounter. She had trouble even remembering what life as a man had been like. And she knew sure as hell that she wouldn't go back...even if she could have...which Dr. Lee had told her wasn't possible. Lisa continued to see David daily...and nightly for the next two weeks. He proposed to her before leaving to go back home and she had accepted. She was deeply in love. Karen picked up the tab for the beautiful church wedding and had told Lisa afterward that she was the most beautiful and elegant bride ever. Dr. Lee had passed away a short time after the wedding of a massive heart attack and had never had time to reveal his findings or surgical miracles to the world. Karen decided to let things lie. And Lisa continued to receive her trust fund money. Lisa became pregnant only a month after the ceremony and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was happy and content and named the baby Karen. David watched proudly as Lisa breast fed their daughter one evening, but missed hearing Lisa whisper to her, "You're so lucky to be a girl! I promise to be the best momma ever! I love you." The End If anyone reading this would like me to write an expanded version of this story, or a continued version, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] If I receive enough requests, I'll add to (or continue) the story. Thanks.